Happy Trails (Erotic Gems Short)

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I really wanted to read more on Vince and Sams relationship and I certainly wanted to be there when Sam and Nick told Vince they were a couple. This is not so much a short I want more of but more like I want the rest of this story.

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View 2 comments. Sep 25, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: , gay , ebook , romance , short. This read like a snippet from a longer book rather than a complete story, which I found frustrating. Dec 24, Mimi rated it really liked it. Jan 20, Barb Manning rated it liked it Shelves: mm-romance , romance-reviews. The story follows their trip up the mountains. It's clear from the opening lines that Sam is deeply attracted to Nick. Happy Trails reads like the opening chapters of a longer novel. Lynne provides some back-story that reveals certain things about the brothers, their family life, and their relationship to each ot Happy Trails by Carol Lynne is a short story about a hiking trip shared by Durango Police Officer Nick Green and his partner Vince Sloan, and Vince's younger brother, musician Sam Sloan.

Lynne provides some back-story that reveals certain things about the brothers, their family life, and their relationship to each other.

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Nick is the unknown factor. There's little information about Nick, other than he's a fellow gay Durango police officer. There's one sex scene brought about because of something that happens on the trail.

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It's a smoldering scene and it may lead to complications between the three men later, but the heat is real. The attraction between Nick and Sam is real and could be something more; at the same time, there is some energy between Vince and Nick. Lynne knows how to generate sparks with her characters. Happy Trails is a little taste of a story that could be a delicious dish. It's worth 3. I look forward to seeing this story rendered in more complete detail. Review originally appears on Blackraven Reviews Oct 26, V rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I knew this e-book was very short before I started reading it and I always do this to myself, I should know better and just not read it at all. I want to know what happens next, what was the brother's reaction when they told him about their relationship? What about when Sam told his brother he knew he was gay? You won't get the answers to any of these questions as the book starts and finishes with the speed of the bullet. Dec 31, Ale Rivero rated it really liked it. Sinceramente era obvio desde el inicio que iban a terminar juntos los dos.

Sep 25, Tailtiu rated it it was ok. This was much to short to really enjoy the story. No beginning - no end and no time to warm up with these guys View 1 comment. This was sweet but really really short. I'm not sure if this is a set up for a longer story, or maybe for Vince's story. View all 4 comments. Mar 30, Lelyana rated it liked it Shelves: mm , refreshing , sex-in-public , stand-alone. Its a nice quick read.


Happy Trails by Carol Lynne is a short story about a hiking trip shared by Durango Police Officer Nick Green and his partner Vince Sloan, and Vince's younger. Re:happy trails erotic gems short. How to be Happy 10 Easy and Quick Techniques about How to be Happy and See Your Smile Grow Everyday Happy Real.

I found that I enjoyed Sam and Nick. But it was too short. I would like to read more about their relationship in the future. View all 10 comments. Dec 08, Cole Riann rated it liked it Shelves: m-m , m-m-contemporary , m-m-cops-agents-pis , m-m-may-december , m-m-short , m-m-sexy-to-the Oct 26, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: mm-read , z This was good but had a bit of an abrupt ending.

Jan 11, Alina rated it it was amazing. Lovely little story! Although really short it's quite satisfying and all the characters look three-dimentional and full-fledged. I enjoyed it :. Oct 31, Lillian rated it liked it Shelves: mm , reviews. I was really relived to read a story by Ms.

But whether Ms. Dec 15, Eiko rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary. Sep 20, Rachel Emily rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-m-m , romance-m-m. Fun, quick read - but too quick! That's always my complaint with stories like this, but it's a good author's writing that leaves me wanting more! Jun 22, Liz Bugetta rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , e-book , m-m-erotica , m-m-romance , new-author , novellas-and-short-stories. Cute and hot. Sep 19, Staceyr rated it really liked it.

Very important is the consideration of some of the literature where authentic dreams or dreams having the [6] appearance of authenticity have been recorded.

The connection between poetry and dreams has often been noted. The poet projects an ideal and imaginary world just as the dreamer does.

He builds utopias and paradises and celestial cities. He sees visions and constructs allegories.

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I have interpreted, according to the methods of Freud, some dream literature like Kipling's Brushwood Boy and Gautier's Arria Marcella. These tales prove most astoundingly the correctness of Freud's theories about dreams being the fulfilment in our sleep of unconscious wishes of our daily life. A literary production, even if no dream is recorded therein, is still a dream; that of the author. It represents the fulfilment of his unconscious wishes, or registers a complaint because they are not fulfilled.

Like the dream, it is formed of remnants of the past psychic life of the author, and is coloured by recent events and images.

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Freud in interpreting the dreams of his neurotic patients, learns the substance, the manifest content of the dream, as he calls it, and inquires about the events of the preceding days and he evokes all the associations which occur to the patients. He learns something of their lives and finally after a course of psychoanalytic treatment frequently cures them of their neuroses by making them aware of the unconscious repressions or fixations from which they suffer. These are removed and the resistances are broken down. As critics, we may interpret a book in the same way. A literary work stands in the same relation to the author as the dream to the patient.

The writer has, however, cured himself of his emotional anxiety by giving vent to his feelings in his book. He has been his own doctor. The critic may see how this has been accomplished and point out the unconscious elements that the writer has brought [7] forth in his book out of his own soul.

The critic, not being able, like the physician and his patient, to question the author in person, must avail himself, in addition to the internal evidence of the literary product itself, of all the data that have been collected from the author's confessions and letters, from the accounts of friends, etc.

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After having studied these in connection with the writing in question, he learns the author's unconscious. Shelley's Epipsychidion , for instance, is an autobiographical poem, Shelley's dream of love, and can be fully followed only when the reader has acquainted himself with the history of Shelley's marriages and love affairs.

I have interpreted a dream of Stevenson recorded in his A Chapter on Dreams , and have found in it a full confirmation of the Freudian theory of dreams. Stevenson, recounting at length a dream of his own, tells us unwittingly more about the misunderstanding that existed between him and his father and the difficulties he encountered before he married since the object of his affection was separated but not yet divorced from her first husband than his biography does.

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When the essay and the biography are taken together, we see the testimony before us as to why Stevenson dreamed this dream. As is well known, Freud traced the nucleus of the psychoneuroses to an over-attachment that the patient had for the parent of the opposite sex, a fixation which was very strong in infancy but from the influence of which there had never been a healthy liberation. This fixation which is often [8] unconscious plants the seeds of future neuroses.