How to Keep Your faith in an Upside Down World

Turning The World Upside Down
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It blazeth a little, and maketh a great noise: it is soon done with. It lies under the clods of poverty, and shame, and persecution, mayhap. But when the great harvest day shall come, the blades of light, upstarting at the second coming, shall bring forth "the full corn in the ear" of bliss and glory everlasting. O ye mourning souls, be glad; for whereas the world puts you beneath it, Christ puts you above the world's head.

Peace Lutheran Sermon - Turning the World Upside Down

Let me describe the opposite. I know a man who never feels happy unless he has a law-suit; he would never pay a bill unless be had a writ about it. He is fond of law. The idea of pulling another up before the court is a great delicacy to him. A slight affront he would not easily forget. He has a very large amount of meek dignity; and if he be never so slightly touched, if a harsh word be spoken against him, or one slander uttered he is down upon his enemy at once; for he is a man of a hard temper, and he casts the debtor into prison, and verily I say unto thee, if thou gettest in there by his writ, thou shalt never come out until thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.

Now the meek are of a very different disposition.

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You may revile them, but they will not revile again; you may injure them, but they know that their Master has said, "I say unto thee, resist not evil. He is not like the sons of Zeruiah, who said to David, "Let us go and take off that dead dog's head, because he cursed the king" He says, "No, if the Lord hath bidden him curse; let him curse.

Why, he will be lending money, and will never get it back again; he will be giving his substance to the poor, and he will never receive it. How stupid he is!

1. Seek the two powerful voices of God.

He allows people to infringe on his rights; he has no strength of mind; he does not know how to stand up for himself, fool that he is. I am quite certain that the safest way to defend your character is never to say a word about it.

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If every person in this place chooses to slander me and utter the most furious libels that he pleases, he may rest quite assured he will never have a law-suit from me. I am not quite fool enough for that. I have always noticed that when a man defends himself in a court of law against any slander, he just does his enemy's business with his own hand. Our enemies cannot hurt us, unless we hurt ourselves.

No man's character was ever really injured except by himself. Be you among the meek, and you shall inherit the earth. Bear all things, hope all things, believe all things, and it shall be the best, even on this earth, in the end.

How to Keep Your Faith in An Upside Down World

Do you see that very respectable gentleman yonder, who has never omitted to attend his church or his chapel twice every Sunday ever since he became a man. He reads his Bible too, and he has family prayers. It is true that there are certain stories flying about, that he is rather hard upon his laborers, and exacting at times in his payments, but does justice to all men, although no further will he go. This man is on very good terms with himself; when he gets up in the morning he always shakes hands with himself, and compliments himself on being a very excellent person.

He generally lives in a front street, in his opinion, and the first number in the street, too. Isn't he a good man? Don't you envy him? Well, now, do you see standing at the back of the church there, a poor woman with tears running down her eyes? Come forward, ma'am; let us hear your history. She is afraid to come forward; she dares not speak in the presence of respectable persons; but we gather thus much from her: She has lately found out that she is full of sin, and she desires to know what she must do to be saved.

Ask her. She tells you she has no merits of her own. Her song is, "I the chief of sinners am. You pity that poor woman.

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You would not like to be in her case. The other man whom I have just mentioned, stands at the very top of the ladder, does he not? But this poor woman stands at the bottom.

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Now just see the gospel process—the world turned upside down. So here you see again is the world turned upside down in the first sermon Christ ever preached. The merciful are not much respected in this world—at least if they are imprudently merciful, the man who forgives too much, or who is too generous, is not considered to be wise. But Christ declares that he who has been merciful—merciful to supply the wants of the poor, merciful to forgive his enemies and to pass by offenses, shall obtain mercy. Here, again, is the world turned upside down.

Now, the Scripture says, Not so; "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. That man, pure in heart, is said to be a Puritanical moralist, a strict Sabbatarian, a man who has not any mind of his own; but Jesus Christ puts all straight, for he says, these are the blessed men these are the happy ones. And now look at the ninth verse. What a turning of the world upside down that is! You walk through London, and who are the men that we put upon our columns and pillars, and upon our park gates, and so on?

Read the ninth verse, and see how that turns the world upside down. There upon the very top of the world, high, high up, can be seen the armless sleeve of a Nelson: there he stands, high exalted above his fellows; and there, in another place, with a long file up his back, stands a duke; and in another place, riding upon a war horse, is a mighty man of war.

These are the world's blest heroes. Go into the capital of what empire you choose to select, and you shall see that the blessed men, who are put upon pedestals, and who have statues erected to their memory, who are put into our St. Paul's Cathedral, and our Westminster Abbey, are not exactly the men mentioned in the ninth verse. Let us read it. The man who comes between two beligerents, and bears the stroke himself—the man who will lie down on the earth, and plead with others that they would cease from warfare—these are the blessed.

How rarely are they set on high. They are generally set aside, as people who cannot be blessed, even though it seem that they try to make others so.

To Become a Leader, Be a Servant

How to Keep Your Faith in an Upside Down World [Sarah Bowling, Marilyn Hickey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. We live in a crazy and. Editorial Reviews. Review. My dear friend Sarah will continue to inspire you through this book on revolution and living an upside-down life! Her encouragement.

Here is the world turned upside down. The warrior with his garment stained in blood, is put into the ignoble earth, to die and rot; but the peace-maker is lifted up, and God's crown of blessing is put round about his head, and men one day shall see it, and struck with admiration they shall lament their own fully, that they exalted the blood-red sword of the warrior, but that they did rend the modest mantle of the noon who did make peace among mankind.

2. Explore the two qualities of God’s Word.

And to conclude our Saviour's sermon, notice once more, that we find in this world a race of persons who have always been hated—a class of men who have been hunted like the wild goat; persecuted, afflicted, and tormented. As an old divine says, "The Christian has been looked upon as if he had a wolfs head, for as the wolf was hunted for his head everywhere, so has the Christian been hunted to the uttermost ends of the earth. And now I find I must be very brief for I have taken so much time in endeavoring to show how Christ's gospel turned the world upside down, in the position of its characters, that I shall have no space left for anything else.

But will you have patience with me, and I will briefly pass through the other points? I will just quote a few texts which show this very clearly. Sharing this truth is a serious matter — a matter of life and death.

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This one is a total mind bender. What we thought would take a few months to fix and fancy up will, it turns out, require a lifetime of labor. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Keyword s :. His point in this section is that the "seduction of perfectionism" in our relationships creates unrealistic hopes and dreams which leads to disappointments but again, can be the soil in which God brings forth the right kind of life.

The apostle Paul saw himself as a watchman, someone who would be positioned on the wall of a city to keep watch for the enemy or any other danger that was approaching. A watchman would then run and warn people about what he saw. Paul told the Ephesian elders, "I declare today that I have been faithful.

If anyone suffers eternal death, it's not my fault, for I didn't shrink from declaring all that God wants you to know. So guard yourselves and God's people. Paul was drawing on the words of Ezekiel —18, where God said, "Son of man, I have appointed you as a watchman for Israel. Whenever you receive a message from me, warn people immediately. If I warn the wicked, saying, 'You are under the penalty of death,' but you fail to deliver the warning, they will die in their sins.

And I will hold you responsible for their deaths" NLT. Declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ is of utmost importance. We have a responsibility as watchmen to warn people of what could potentially happen if they reject Christ. We don't do this out of hate, but out of love, because we want to help. We want to protect them. Lauren leads the way for co-hosts Lindsy Wallace and Kayla Craig to ask hard questions about the effect on human rights, and the environmental impact, that comes from items we wear.

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