Navigating a Nuclear Minefield: The United States, Europe, and Iran (Brussels Forum Papers)

Navigating a Nuclear Minefield: The United States, Europe, and Iran (Brussels Forum Papers)
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It is just one more attempt by the MEK to portray itself as an influential representative of the Iranian people. But if the MEK had even one iota of influence inside Iran, the protests would have become much more violent. Massoud Khodabandeh is the director of Middle East Strategy Consultants and has worked long-term with the authorities in Iraq to bring about a peaceful solution to the impasse at Camp Liberty and help rescue other victims of the Mojahedin-e Khalq cult.

Anne Khodabandeh is a UK expert in anti-terrorist activities and a long-standing activist in the field of deradicalization of extremists. She has written several articles and books on this subject, along with her husband, who is of Iranian origin. Photo: Maryam Rajavi jalal4liberty via Flickr. Clearly, these sorts of operations need Iranian insiders …. As the October 15 th deadline for Pres. Trump and the GOP are locked into a rejectionist, even nihilist approach toward Iran. Threats, bellicosity, all substitute for a real policy.

Furthermore, they elevate countries and foreign policy issues far above their real importance, even to the brink of nuclear war. They also side with their oil rich Sunni allies in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, who declare Iran to be a mortal threat. In truth, none of these Iranian actions violate the nuclear deal which, as its title suggests, only deals with nuclear issues.

Of course, it would be possible to open a new round of negotiations to restrain them. But only in the context of an open process in which all parties are treated with respect. Something sorely lacking in current U. The current thinking seems to be that the U.

Nor should it have the right to do so. If one party wants the other to give away something, then you must give something in return. There simply is no sense of reciprocity in U. Which is why it is doomed to failure. Iran will not be brow-beaten into submission. So unless the U. Their op-eds are bought and paid for by former terror groups like the MeK charged with assassinating U.

Ridge alone has earned tens of thousands of dollars for giving minute speeches addressed to MeK gatherings around the globe. I asked Ridge about any financial arrangement between him or the other speakers and the MEK. He reacted with anger, questioning my motives and my affiliations. Ridge in his remarks derided the notion that money would ever influence men of the stature of those speaking at the event.

I asked if he was arguing that there was no problem of money influencing politics. Rendell cut that off. Clearly, these sorts of operations need Iranian insiders and MeK is a likely culprit. Returning to the U.

US stance on Iran nuclear deal is a threat to Europe — Zarif

This is something that could end up getting many millions killed. And for what? To mollify the ego of a madman? Israel on the other hand has never permitted legitimate inspections of its Dimona nuclear reactor, which produces its nuclear weapons. Iran, though it does not have nuclear weapons, has made clear that it will never use them or deploy them. Israeli leaders have urged their use during past wars. If Iran knew that its enemies heeded the call of this NGO for a nuclear ban, it would have no need for such weapons, even were it to be pursuing their production.

One hopes that this award will increase pressure on Israel to abandon the folly of its own nuclear arsenal. WMD enables it to avoid dealing with a festering, decades-old political problem. Iran terror attack: Who gains? So they are likely to have played a role as well. You have forgotten hundreds of Mojahedin!

No terror group could have executed on operation of this sort without the help of one or more state intelligence agencies.

Richard Silverstein. In the past, I had a well-informed Israeli source who confirmed Israeli participation in assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and explosions at missile bases. Unfortunately, this source passed away some time ago. So what I write here will be based on informed speculation. Of course, the Islamic State IS group, which has claimed responsibility, and with whom Iran is engaged in a vicious battle in Syria and Iraq.

Nominally, that is likely the case. But no terror group, no matter how adept could manage to organise and execute an operation of this sort. It required the help of one or more national intelligence agencies. Those who have the most to gain and most capability are the Saudis and Israelis. Both hate the Iranians for different reasons.

Energy and Environmental Challenges to Security

Iran is yet another enemy they long to defeat. All of which is directed from Riyadh. Trust me, developments like that in Israel are not accidental. The group retains thousands of secret supporters within Iran who would have helped smuggle arms into the country, stashed them once they arrived, located safe houses for the attackers, and helped scout out the targeted sites.

Their view of the world sees enemies everywhere, especially among Sunni Muslims and the West. Now they can spin a tale of all those parties uniting in desperate measures to spill the blood of Shia martyrs. A perfect script for the conservatives. But overall, what does this attack gain for anyone involved?

Mainly, it serves to unite the anti-Iran coalition. It raises the flag of the rejectionists who see Iran as the ultimate evil. It also strengthens the rejectionists in Iran and weakens the moderates led by newly-re-elected President Hassan Rouhani. This attack sets the tone for the coming years: tit-for-tat terror attacks against Iranian and Saudi targets, part of an ongoing intra-Muslim feud that could inflame the entire region, if not the world — with the US president doing his level best to pour kerosene on the bonfire.

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U.S. and European policymakers worry that a nuclear Iran wo Navigating a Nuclear Minefield: The United States, Europe, and Iran (Brussels Forum Papers) . [KINDLE] Navigating a Nuclear Minefield: The United States, Europe, and Iran ( Brussels Forum. Papers) by Nicholas Siegel. Book file PDF easily for everyone.

Those Western nations who envision a different future must unite to fight back against this approach. They must produce a moderate, conciliatory policy which eases sanctions, promotes trade and cultural engagement, and establishes a viable alternative to this bloodbath.

They must act now or face the consequences. Inaction means death. The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye. Jihad 2. You are about to enter the ultimate minefield.

The usual suspects do what they usually do; blame Russia, and damn any evidence. So let a knowledgeable insider, Dr. As Dr. No question. Link in Toptopic. Protests and turmoil have characterised the leadup to the June election. Ongoing and apparently unsolvable problems with the narco-trade and drug cartels, arms smuggling and people trafficking, add fuel to the corruption charges. Politicians from all sides appear unable to either successfully expose these crimes or escape accusations of collusion with them. The introduction of the Modern Slavery Act in in the UK has greatly enabled anti-slavery groups and campaigners in confronting this problem.

In Albania, Elona Gjebrea also has close ties to the United States on the issue of people trafficking and slavery. Deputy Interior Minister Gjebrea welcomed the agreement and the resources. So far, so good. Albania is apparently taking a strong stance against modern slavery and the US backs these efforts. But there is another side to this story. She again heaped praise on the MEK and its leader. The entire MEK was forcefully transferred from Iraq to Albania by the Americans to satisfy Iraqi demands to rid their country of the final remnants of the Saddam Hussein regime.

About these proceedings

This did not happen. Instead of de-radicalisation, the organisational structure which had operated in Iraq for three decades was allowed to continue in Albania. The 3, MEK members were consolidated and isolated behind closed doors and shuttered windows in dedicated apartment blocks. In rallies, such as the one Gjebrea attended, the MEK continues with its promise of regime change in Iran — which in the past the MEK has pursued through violence and terrorism. But does Gjebrea share that agenda toward Iran?

Does Albania? It is organised as a totalitarian system headed by an authoritarian leader who demands total unquestioning obedience from every member at every level. The group operates outside legal, moral or cultural norms.