Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials

Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials
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Last year's trendy sweater becomes a take-along journal. Even crisp bags get a second life as a handy pocket tebook.

This fun pursuit is ecomical as well as ecological. Another book along these lines came to my attention via an artistic customer, who recently ordered it from us:.

Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials

If you want to actually make a handcrafted book instead of making things out of books, there are lots of terrific resources out there for bookbinding. The author shows folks how to use items from flea markets, thrift shops, even hardware stores and your house, and turn them into beautiful little books.

I must say that Quarry puts out some gorgeous books about books! A delicate canoe with page tufts lofting from its bed? Teeny leather books in a bell jar?! The cover of this book alone makes me drool. I cannot wait to order it for the Flying Pig and a copy for myself. As we approach the holiday season I often think of Christmases of my youth. I was raised by a single mom with an impulse control problem. This often resulted in the holidays starting as early as October with Christmas carols being sung around the house and stacks of holiday books being brought out.

Part of this rush to the season was, back when I was a kid, it actually got colder earlier and there was the subtle cue of the seasonal shift.

While I like to think I can blame the rush to the holidays on the weather, the push really does rest with my mother. She would holiday shop early and then hide presents, for a day or two. Certainly not me.

What I loved about these presents is they were often books. I remember one year I yearned for an ET doll that was astoundingly hard to get. My mom did manage to get one and she was so proud of herself that I came home from school on December 3rd and she practically flung him at me all the while doing a song and dance about how awesome she was. I loved the doll and still have it to this day. It was the really nice leather one that sits up by itself.

The real kicker of the early holiday was the year that all the Christmas shopping was done by December 15th. Our cat, Mittens, had decided to shimmy up the tree and knock it down. This pretty much made my mom think that we should just start opening presents right then and there. I was 13 and my mom was 35 and we dove into our presents like three-year-olds. We even opened our stockings. It was fun. Grand fun.


Until December 25th came. It was quite a sad little morning when we realized there was nothing to open. So we had a tiny chicken and some mashed potatoes. While it was sad to have nothing to open on Christmas Day itself, we did have our books. After our quiet meal, we changed into our jammies and just read, all day.

ISBN 13: 9781592535248

And it was bliss. Every once in a while I am reminded that people do matter in business.

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None of these exquisite looks will cost you an arm and a leg. Someone introducing me to their favorite author is a privilege. Bish Bash Bosh! Exit the next hole in the signature, and then pass the needle under the middle horizontal ticket at the spine. Assemble a signature by nesting the folded pages in this order: peaked page, short page, peaked page, and short page.

In this age of electronic ordering, cost savings, and a single-minded focus on the bottom line, real people can get lost in the shuffle. This past year the Charlotte Library got a new director, Margaret. Margaret has been a customer of our store pretty much since we opened. I remember when she was a volunteer at the library and have seen work her way up to being the director.

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When our store was across the street from the library, they would order books. Not a ton of books, but a few a week. They would often walk over and grab a book two they had forgotten to order. They had a budget to adhere to and would do the bulk of their purchasing with a jobber. I totally understand that as the budget has to be publicly defended at the annual Town Meeting.

This year we have a seen a huge increase in the number of books the library buys from us. In fact we fulfill almost all of the library book orders. Some weeks we order up to 30 books for the library. We provide a small town service for the library, we deliver the book orders when they arrive.

She explained that while they might save a little more with a library jobber, they decided to shop local.

Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials

Plus, they decided that dealing with real people might be ultimately more cost-effective because mistakes are more easily remedied and there is a chance at a real conversation about books when they call us. Obviously, I have loved the library orders for the income they generate, but I also love knowing what my library is ordering for the folks in town.

This gives me a real heads up as to what might sell well at the store. I like knowing that my neighbors, some of whom might not be bookstore patrons, are reading books from my store. I feel more invested in my town because of the library orders. We all complain about Facebook — either as a time drain or a chronicle of the overly quotidian — but I must admit, it can lead to interesting places.

Designed by Hal Taylor , a Virginia woodworker specializing in custom rocking chairs, this one was built to accommodate his growing family. Well, I did not have a lap large enough for three children so I had to come up with something! I love how the two side seats are built up high to allow littler folks to perch at perfect book-sharing height. I also love what Mr. I read to my children from the time they could listen to a story until they could read better than I could.