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Kinney added that sharing the plan publicly serves as a declaration of organizational intention.

The mission of the ABPMR is to serve the public by improving the quality of patient care in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This is accomplished through a process of certification and maintenance of certification that fosters excellence and encourages continuous learning. The ABPMR had not defined a vision in the past, so the board of directors used the strategic planning process to craft one.

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While the mission is the main guiding idea of the organization, the vision identifies priorities and key principles that will help accomplish the mission. The ABPMR will continue to provide — in partnership with diplomates — a dynamic, reliable, and valid certification process that:.

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A total of eight key strategies were identified, divided into two groups: Three main transformational strategies have the largest potential to project ABPMR into the future, guided by our mission and vision; five enabling strategies support and underpin the transformational strategies. Become a trusted convener to support dynamic learning and innovation that positively impacts the future and direction of the field of physiatry. Revise the organizational structure as needed to ensure appropriate resources and consistent understanding of roles and responsibilities.

McDeavitt, MD. Kim Van Brunt Communications Manager kvanbrunt abpmr. Developed with expertise from local education superstars like Maureen Anderson, Angela Musto, and Trish Howison, this model builds on the successes of City Charter High School and other local institutions of innovation. These hard skills are an invaluable asset as students emerge from public school programs, and instilling an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age is vital.

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But the educational offerings at Career Tech Charter will go far beyond the Tech. RefocusED, Inc.

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This event will be held from 6 p. Ticket sales and event information can be found here. Tess Wilson is a public librarian who loves talking loudly about data literacy and online privacy.